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    Wild Hunt Festival Coming to Kickstarter June 23, 2020!

    Wild Hunt Festival Coming to Kickstarter June 23, 2020!

    We're thrilled to announce that we will be bringing the English version of the hit JRPG board game, Kradia: Wild Hunt Festival, to Kickstarter later this month on June 23. It's Kickstarter pre-launch page is now live and can be seen here .

    From Chinese-Japanese design studio Liner Note, Kradia: Wild Hunt Festival is a fully cooperative card and dice boss-battle board game for 1-4 players featuring unique heroes, class-based combat, character progression, multiple modes of play, narrative text between battles, and whimsical anime-inspired art. Wild Hunt Festival can be played cooperatively or entirely solo.

    Kradia: Wild Hunt Festival is a JRPG-turned-board game set in the colorful world of Kradia. In the game, up to four players are tasked with forming a party of adventurers and combining their powers to defeat a series of bosses. As a cooperative fantasy-themed boss-battle game, players must synergize their abilities and employ effective combat strategies—via the utilization of items and their characters' unique job abilities—to defeat a series of bosses. Wild Hunt Festival is best described as part Monster Hunter, part Final Fantasy, and part Grandia in its gameplay design and visual presentation.

    Each character in Wild Hunt Festival has an assigned role, such as attacker, healer, or defender, and an associated job, such as Paladin, Geomancer, or Trobairitz. These characters possess their own combat statistics, strengths and weaknesses, as well as class-specific skills that all must be leveraged throughout each battle and in conjunction with one another to overcome the game's challenging monsters.

    There are 12 boss battles in total, each one offering their own tactics and unique skills. Every boss in Wild Hunt Festival feels different therefore requiring players to plan and execute their strategies accordingly.

    There are two modes of play in Wild Hunt Festival . Story Mode, which is the game's primary play mode, offers a campaign-like progression system where players start at level 1 and take on a series of bosses, leveling up between each fight. After each encounter, there's also narrative text that the group reads in order to learn more about the game's story, characters, and world. The second mode, Challenge Mode, is a no-frills variant of play that has players start at the level 4 (max level) and fight a single super-charged boss.

    Testament Now Live on Kickstarter!

    Testament Now Live on Kickstarter!

    February 18, 2020  – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – LionWing Publishing is excited to announce that their latest tabletop game Testament is now live on Kickstarter. From Japanese publisher ManifestDestiny and designer ‘Kuro’—creator of Unicornus Knights, Ars Alchimia, and The Ravens of Thri SahashriTestament is a fully cooperative, card-based dungeon-crawler that features deep character customization, tactical battles, and tough boss fights. LionWing has partnered with Japanime Games to publish the English version of Testament for the Western market.

    Taking inspiration from MMORPGs, and in particular Final Fantasy XIVTestament’s core design is built around the “trinity” system found in such games, which emphasizes party combat roles like tanks, damage-dealers, and healers.

    In Testament, players team up and control individual heroes to battle through six stages, first fighting through smaller monsters and then facing off against a massive stage boss that mimics the complex “raids” for which MMORPGs are best known.

    Testament comprises six stages in total, with each one taking about an hour to complete and provides players with the ability to play single, one-off scenarios or string several together to create a campaign, with characters leveling-up after the completion of each stage. Testament supports up to four players but can be played entirely solo as well.

    The game will only be available through Kickstarter and Japanime Games' webstore (and at conventions), and will not be receiving a traditional retail release.