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    The LionWing First program is an initiative designed with you, the customer, in mind. You may have noticed that we run a good amount of Kickstarter campaigns to help fund the production of our games. These campaigns are sprawling endeavors that seek to not only raise funds to print the game but to add new content to it as well. However, not every game we localize is right for Kickstarter and is instead better suited for a straight to retail or webstore distribution. And yet, we know that our fans love the additional content we add to our Kickstarter games.

    Enter: LionWing First, a pre-order system whereby customers obtain exclusive content, totally free of charge, simply by pre-ordering the game. This content may come in the form of promo components (alternate art, characters, narrative or gameplay scenarios, etc.), special merchandise (keychains, art prints, buttons), or a combination of both.

    LionWing First pre-order exclusives will not be available at retailers or other websites; they will be exclusive to our webstore. However, even though this exclusive content will be available right here at lionwingpublishing.com, these pre-order items will not be available once the game officially launches; not even through the LionWing shop. That is to say, once the pre-order window has closed, these items are gone; we won't be selling them again, as most will be made-to-order extras.