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    We run a number of Kickstarter campaigns. When one of them ends, we open up a late pledge option for those folks who may have missed the campaign when it was live. (This late pledge option is run through PledgeManager, a company that specializes in post-crowdfunding campaign pledge management.)

    Late pledging is different from traditional pre-ordering in a few key ways. For starters, late pledging is available only for those games we have funded through Kickstarter and only for a limited time after the game's Kickstarter ends. Furthermore, late pledging grants you access to all of the Kickstarter-exclusive items that will not be available elsewhere.

    Traditional LionWing pre-orders on the other hand are typically utilized for non-Kickstarter games. Similar to our Kickstarter games, our traditional pre-order games come with their own pre-order exclusive items. that will not be available at retailers or once the game officially launches.