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    Welcome to the Embryo Machine errata page! Below you will find the game's errata.

    Card and Board Initials

    The following are how you should match each unit to their deck of cards. There was a layer-selection issue in the manufacturing process that mixed the initials up, so please use the below list.

    • Arachne

      • Board Unit Code = AR
      • Card Unit Code = AR
    • Argyros
      • Board Unit Code = AG
      • Card Unit Code = AG
    • Lou Garou
      • Board Unit Code = GA
      • Card Unit Code = LG
    • Lumiere De Orage
      • Board Unit Code = OR
      • Card Unit Code = LO
    • Fornisse
      • Board Unit Code = FO
      • Card Unit Code = HO
    • Hystrix
      • Board Unit Code = HY
      • Card Unit Code = HY
    • Tortohan
      • Board Unit Code = TO
      • Card Unit Code = TR
    • Zimmer Boulia
      • Board Unit Code = ZI
      • Card Unit Code = ZB
    • Visner Glome
      • Board Unit Code = VI
      • Card Unit Code = BG

    Quick Reference Sheet

    The number of copies that the quick reference sheet says you should have of each card is inaccruate. Please consult the link below, which will take you to a spreadsheet that has the accurate card totals. You should have 267 cards in the box.