Japanese Shoot 'Em Up HORGIHUGH Coming to Steam this Month! [press release]

MAY 16, 2019FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – LionWing Publishing is excited to announce that they will be localizing and publishing the Japanese retro shoot 'em up HORGIHUGH for Steam® this month on May 30th.

HORGIHUGH is a challenging horizontal side-scrolling shooter from Japanese developer PiXEL. Developed by a team of industry veterans, HORGIHUGH mixes old with new to deliver a beautiful retro shoot 'em up experience that features vibrant pixel graphics, intense boss battles, a dynamic power-up system, unlockable upgrades, an adorable roster of anthropomorphic characters, and the unique Buddy System that lets players control two characters at once.


  • Classic shoot 'em up gameplay reminiscent of the 16-bit era.

  • 6 challenging stages and 13 grueling boss battles.

  • Over a dozen weapons and items to unlock and equip to help you blast through the enemy.

  • Unique mechanics like last-minute dodges, unlockable upgrades, and the innovative Buddy System that lets players control two characters at once to dish out extra punishment.

  • Two difficulty modes to match your skill level.

  • Charming and upbeat music from renown Konami composer Motoaki Furukawa (Gradius 2, Gradius II, Salamander, Metal Gear, Policenauts).

  • Character designs from illustrator KOU (Mega Man ZX, Shantae series) and pixel art from Neo Geo background artist Kengo Tanaka (Ironclad Brikinger) and Hidekunki Sasaki (Dotto no Ken · Giga).

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