Sainome Colosseum R Now Available for Pre-Order! [press release]

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – AUGUST 15, 2018 – LionWing Publishing is pleased to announce that pre-orders for Sainome Colosseum R are now open to the public, and information on this can be found on our Kickstarter or Sainome’s pre-order page located here.

Furthermore, one of the characters unlocked through stretch goals during Sainome’s campaign, the Introverted Scholar/Mistress of Vengeance, has been revealed, and the concept artwork for both of her Forms, designed by the game’s character illustrator Mizuki, can be seen in our newsletter and over in the updates section of our Kickstarter page.

A short recap: Sainome Colosseum R surpassed its goal by $7,871 at a grand total of $18,371 and achieved five of its six stretch goals, three of which are exclusive to Kickstarter backers and those who pre-order the game.

About LionWing Publishing

LionWing Publishing is an upstart localization company that publishes Japanese tabletop games for the West. Sainome Colosseum R is the company’s first project and perfectly encapsulates the types of games LionWing will be localizing in the future: games that are dynamic, engaging, and aesthetically striking. For more information about LionWing Publishing, see Follow LionWing Publishing on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Discord.