The Homestretch: A Localization Update

Hello, all!

It's been a while since we've made a post about the status of Sainome Colosseum R, what with spending the last several months detailing some of the game's characters. Thus today we thought it would be a good idea to fill folks in on what's been happening behind the scenes. So let's talk about that!

For those who may not know, Sainome is set to hit Kickstarter this spring. We were really gunning for an April launch as discussed in our most recent newsletter, but some issues with printing logistics outside of our control haven't been panning out. This has been a little frustrating in that this is the second manufacturer we've worked with for Sainome; they're well known in the tabletop community and came highly recommended. This was a sigh of relief for us too, what with our first manufacturer lacking responsiveness and transparency. Nevertheless, the launch is being moved around a bit. At this time, we're not ready to nail down a more concrete date other than spring. Some quick math says spring here in North America still has two months to go, so clearly we're hoping to be ready before the end of June.

So what else has been happening behind the scenes? Well, since the game's announcement, we've been tightening up some things and putting the finishing touches on various graphical elements of the crowdfunding campaign. The core development—that is to say Sainome's localization—has been finished for some time, so we've mostly spent 2018 producing our introduction video (which is up on YouTube here), our tutorial video (which will be completed this week), producing all the graphics for the Kickstarter (which will hopefully be done by the end of the week), playtesting, and tightening up some miscellaneous aesthetic elements. The goal here is to launch the campaign in preview mode for 1-3 weeks before going live, that way people can get acclimated to its page and all that we'll be offering. Our graphic designer, Tyler, has really been knocking it out of the park with all of this. He's been a one-man army when it comes to the visual presentation of the game and its marketing, and while he's probably wanted to pull out his hair at times, his ability to transform Sainome into a game for a Western audience has been nothing short of spectacular.

There's a lot that goes into re-calibrating a game's look when localizing it; tweaks that must be made to accommodate the new language and the space it takes up, but we are thrilled with how it's all turned out. Sainome is a super sleek, super clean game visually and really pops due to that aesthetic. A lot of this is due to the color palette the original developers MR Entertainment encouraged when working with their illustrators. Thus, it's been at the forefront of our minds to ensure that that vibrancy transfers flawlessly to the localized version. And if I do say so myself, we've done a bang-up job accomplishing that!

Lastly, since development has been completed for a while now, we'd been playtesting it a ton. Though, we're happy to announce that that too has come to an end. We're excited for people to get their hands on it as it really is a game that is both accessible enough for even kids to play while still providing strategic depth for true veterans of the medium to get lost in. We've had a great outpouring of support for Sainome and our overall mission. So, on behalf of the entire team, thank you! Without your all's support, we wouldn't be able to do what it is we do.

We look forward to the game's launch and will be talking with you soon! Until then!


Bradly Halestorm