Character Series: One-Eyed Bowman | Crimson Sniper — Gameplay


Howdy, everyone! LionWing president Bradly Halestorm here, and today we are bringing you part 2 of the One-Eyed Bowman/Crimson Sniper's character spotlight in our Character Series that we have been running twice a week. Do note that this will be the last installment in the twice-a-week series; starting next Thursday, we'll be releasing one larger post that will encompass both the lore and gameplay aspects of a character that we have been splitting up into separate posts. By doing this, we cut down on cluttering people's timelines while also allowing folks to get all of the information about a character in a single post.

In Part 1 this week, we discussed the bowman's lore, so today will be spent analyzing how he plays in combat by identifying his strengths and weaknesses as well as potential strategies for those looking to main him.

As mentioned in part 1, each character in Sainome Colosseum R has two Forms: a Normal Form, and an Awakened Form. Awakened Forms can only be triggered when certain conditions are met, but once they have been met, characters receive a boost in their skills, allowing them to dish out some serious punishment. We will be talking about both of these Forms in this post and will be showing off the One-Eyed Bowman's Awakened Form, the Crimson Sniper.

Let's get to it!

Let’s start by looking at the bowman’s Normal Form abilities. The first ability of the One-Eyed Bowman is called “Master Archer” and states that the “Longbow” Sainome Card deals +2 damage, which also applies when Longbow is used as an Instant Play action. This skill is pretty conditional as it can only be utilized when the player holds Longbow in their hand. Of course, if you have Longbow, then Master Archer can turn Longbow, which does 2 damage (+1 damage if the Longbow roll is an even result; -1 if it’s odd), into potentially an attack that does up to 5 damage.

The second One-Eyed Bowman ability, “A Marksman’s Devotion” is the skill that allows him to awaken. Like the Pure-Hearted Swordsman, the bowman has to have taken some punishment before being able to awaken into the Crimson Sniper. A Marksman’s Devotion states that the character awakens once he hits 5 HP or lower. This means that players will spend a good amount of time as the character’s Normal Form. Unlike the Pure-Hearted Swordsman, who has a really useful and effective ability in “Proficiency” as his only attack-based Normal Form ability, the bowman’s Master Archer ability is not as general a skill. Because it can only be activated when holding one particular card, players have to devise a strategy around getting Longbow into their hand or merely hoping that they take a beating to get into the Crimson Sniper Form quickly.

Once awakened, the One-Eyed Bowman, now the Crimson Sniper, becomes quite a bit more combat effective. He only has two abilities in this Form, but both are powerful. The first ability, “Snipestates that, before following the die during an Attack action, players may declare a value of 2-5 for the two star equipment slots along the right and left sides of the card. This is powerful because of the fact that being able to make both slots the same value means that, if that value is rolled, both slots are activated, allowing for a double attack. But where the true strength of this ability lies is in making the star equipment slot values either 2 or 5, due to the Crimson Sniper’s top and bottom equipment slots being 2 and 5 respectively. If one were to make the star equipment slots 2 or 5, and one of those values was rolled, the Sniper could pull off a triple attack. This could, and very likely would, be deadly.

The Crimson Sniper’s last ability, “Perfect Aim” is a boosted version of Master Archer in that, for both the "Longbow" and "Crossbow" Sainome Cards, +4 damage is added to the attack. As mentioned above, Longbow can already do up to 3 damage, so adding +4 to that means Perfect Aim can make Longbow almost a one-shot-kill card. Furthermore, when using Perfect Aim in conjunction with Longbow specifically, the player is not required to discard Longbow after it’s been played. So that means in two turns’ time, the Crimson Sniper could theoretically do 14 damage, more than enough to defeat his opponent. Wowzers.

The One-Eyed Bowman/Crimson Sniper is all about burst damage. But to achieve such power, the player must have the right cards in their hand and/or equipped. This makes the Bowman/Sniper a fairly luck-dependent card. So, players could end up doing big damage and ending the match quickly, or struggle to do substantive damage if they aren’t regularly pulling Longbow or Crossbow from the Common Deck.

What makes him all the more challenging to play is his high threshold for awakening. With having to be at 5 HP or below to awaken—with a significantly conditional ability in Master Archer as his primary means of dealing damage through his abilities—it can be hard to hold one’s ground as the One-Eyed Bowman. By the time that you do awaken, you better hope to have Longbow or Crossbow in your hand, as the game could be over quickly otherwise. The best strategy in fighting against this character is sustained, small damage until he’s near 5 HP and then unleashing a big attack to knock him out before he gets a chance to pull off game-ending plays as the Crimson Sniper.

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That said, be sure to check back next Thursday when we drop a mega-sized blog chronicling the lore and gameplay of our next character!

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