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Hello, Lions! Bradly here, and we’re back for another entry in our Character Series. Today we’ll be revealing and looking at the One-Eyed Bowman. Because Mondays are always devoted to the game’s narrative aspects, we’ll be taking a peek at the bowman’s backstory. On Thursday we’ll be revealing the bowman's Awakened Form, the Crimson Sniper.

Alright, let’s get down to business!

The One-Eyed Bowman/Crimson Sniper is our topic this week. This first post will be an overview of the bowman's backstory so that we can understand to the best of our ability his motivations for entering the fighting tournament that acts as the backdrop to Sainome Colosseum R. To do that, though, we must first understand the game’s narrative premise. Below is a quick summary:

The kingdom's most celebrated warriors have come from far and wide to do combat in a grand tournament that will determine who is the fiercest of them all. Each has a personal reason for competing in the event, but there is a single thread that unites all of them: the desire to put their fighting skills on display in order to earn the right to be called champion.

Now, let’s look at the bowman's story.

The following is taken directly from the localized text found in the character sheet included in the game box:

This eyepatched master of the bow is normally seen tracking and slaying hostile beasts, known simply as the Wild, that roam the land and threaten the realm’s denizens. Recently, however, he put his hunting on hold after receiving an invitation by a certain individual to participate in the kingdom’s fighting tournament. Pragmatic in nature, he's sure to hunt his opponents with the same cold detachment with which he hunts the Wild.

The bowman's story is one of intrigue. Due to his somewhat cold, uncompromising personality, there's a subtle air of mystery about him. It's also seemingly implied that when he hunts, he does so alone, further adding to his enigmatic temperament. But, what's most interesting is the nuance of that which is not explicitly told to the reader. For starters, why does the bowman track these creatures? He seems to have dedicated his life to hunting them but there's no obvious reason as to why. Strangely enough, there's no mention of where these Wild come from nor why they're so aggressive. Moreover, just who invited this archer-of-few-words to the tournament? And to that end, what would a hunter such as the bowman have to gain by entering this kind of martial arts tournament? He doesn't seem like the type to want gold or fame—and why would he, given his craft?

Lastly, how does the bowman's Awakened Form, the Crimson Sniper, fit into all of this? As we saw with the priestess and swordsman, there was something dark hidden beneath the surface of both of those characters. While it's possible the bowman is hiding something equally as disturbing, such a plot-twist is not hinted at nearly as strongly as it was with those previous two fighters. Needless to say, the bowman's story is a fascinating one because it raises more questions than answers them.

So that’s it for this entry in our Character Series. Be sure to check back on Thursday for a look at the skills and abilities of the One-Eyed Bowman and his Crimson Sniper Awakened Form.

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