Announcing Sainome Colosseum R, Coming to Kickstarter Spring (Q2) 2018

We have been talking about it for months, and now the time has finally arrived. Thus, today—January 8, 2018—LionWing Publishing is pleased to announce that we will be publishing the English version of MR Entertainment’s popular anime-themed combat game Sainome Colosseum R and will be running a Kickstarter campaign for it in Spring (Q2) of 2018. Sainome Colosseum R was originally designed and released in Japan and is a combat game for 2-4 players that allows players to take on chosen character roles, each with an assortment of individual skills and abilities. Using action selection, hand management, card drafting, and dice rolling, Sainome Colosseum gives player’s important decision points while blending strategy, luck, and balanced replayability. As you explore the game, you’ll discover the strengths and weaknesses of each character as well as interesting combinations that can put your opponents down for the count.

For fans of quick-paced, player-to-player combat, Sainome Colosseum R checks off all the boxes while adding new and innovative mechanics to the genre. This streamlined design creates a memorable player-to-player combat experience, gives numerous important decision points, and creates a narrative arc that leads to countless plays.

Initially published in Japan in 2017, Sainome Colosseum R is an enhanced edition of MR Entertainment’s very first game, Sainome Colosseum, and came about after the designers received positive feedback from fans asking them to develop an expanded edition of the game. Upon Sainome Colosseum R’s Japanese release this past spring, it was met with even more praise than its popular predecessor.

We will have more details about the game, as well as a specific release date, in the coming weeks. Until then, we've set up a landing page for the game over at, which is where you can sign up for notifications about the game, including when it will be launching on Kickstarter as well as a notification the day of its launch.

We've been holding in this news for so long now and have been working tirelessly to prepare the game for its English release. We are excited to finally share the game with you and look forward to discussing more about it over the coming months. We will also be running demos at various hobby game stores in our tri-state area, so if you're in or around Cincinnati, feel free to drop in. We'll be posting more about those dates in the coming weeks as well on social media as well as here at

That will do it for now! We will leave you with a parting remark (an unpolished, literal translation of some of the copy used in Sainome R's Japanese release): Develop a strategy with the cards in your hand, throw a die, and grab your victory!

See you soon!

The LionWing Team