Character Series: The Gentle Priestess | God Slayer — Gameplay


Heyo, everyone! It's that time again; it's time for another installment in our blog series highlighting the ten playable characters in our upcoming localization project, Sainome Colosseum R. Sainome Colosseum R is a anime-themed tabletop combat game for 2-4 players that is both quick to learn and filled with high-octane, back-and-forth gameplay.

In part 1 of our entry on the Gentle Priestess/God Slayer, we discussed the character's shocking dark persona Awakened Form, the God Slayer. Today we'll be looking at both Forms' abilities as well as strategy on ways to best play this character in addition to looking at how to counter her. Here we go!

In terms of gameplay, what does the Gentle Priestess/God Slayer bring to the table? Let’s first look at her Normal Form and what it has to offer.

The character's Normal Form, the Gentle Priestess, is all about either mitigating damage or provoking an attack to intentionally take damage. Looking at her first ability, “Doctrine of Disarmament,” the priestess is able to reduce the damage she takes by 1 for every discarded Sainome Card she currently has equipped, up to 4 damage. (If you missed the Swordsman/Demon Warrior entries, Sainome Cards comprise the game's equippable weapons, items, magics, and skills, sometimes referred to as equipment or gear.) Because there are four equipment slots, the priestess can technically discard every piece of gear she has equipped, effectively mitigating 4 damage from her opponent. This is a monster skill when used in that all-in way, but the skill is actually best used when players are not blowing through all four pieces of gear they have equipped. Because of her second ability, which we'll be going over in just a moment, it's best to use Doctrine of Disarmament when you're trying to stall for time in order to draw the card/s you want. Doctrine, then, can be a great way to slowly strip the opponent of their big plays while waiting for just the right time to awaken.

Which brings us to the Gentle Priestess's second ability, “True Nature.” True Nature states that when the priestess takes damage, she transforms into her Awakened Form. Yup, that's right. A single hit could send her into beast mode. This awakening ability is in stark contrast to the Pure-Hearted Swordsman's awakening “Heritage” ability that requires him to be at 3 HP to finally awaken. True Nature is the complete opposite of that; instead of awakening when she's nearly defeated, she awakens almost right away. If Doctrine of Disarmament is completely forgone by the player, the Gentle Priestess's playstyle is super fast and aggressive thanks to triggering her Awakened Form super quickly.

Once awakened, the priestess transforms into the killing machine known as the God Slayer. The God Slayer has some of the best abilities in the entire game. Let's look at them.

First up is "One-Shot Massacre." Yes, it's just as destructive as its name implies. One-Shot Massacre allows the God Slayer to triple the damage of any Saw or Chainsaw attached to one of her equipment slots. To illustrate how this can literally win the game in one attack, allow me to point you to the default damage of the Saw and Chainsaw Sainome Cards. Saw does 2 damage by itself, without any modifications. Chainsaw is double that: it does 4 damage on its own. So, with One-Shot Massacre, Saw could do 6 damage while Chainsaw would do 12. 12. Damage. If you're using the standard (tournament) rules, you only start with 10 HP! So Chainsaw doing 12, via One-Shot Massacre, is just insane.

Onto the second ability, “Unholy Constraint.” This skill states that if you have two or more open equipment slots, your opponent cannot use counterattack cards. The savvy player will work hard to rarely have more than one Sainome Card equipped when in the God Slayer Form. After all, the God Slayer is best activated when you have Saw or Chainsaw in your hand while you're in the Gentle Priestess Form.

The God Slayer's last ability is the one that balances her out. One can only stay in the God Slayer Form until your Discard Phase. Thus, “Feigned Innocence,” the Slayer's third and final ability, states that players must return to Normal Form at the end of their Discard Phase. So, again, you should plan your strategy around awakening the God Slayer when you can maximize her damage output via One-Shot Massacre. Naturally, there will be times that you will be attacked in Normal Form and won't be able to make use of Doctrine of Disarmament to mitigate the damage, thus awakening the God Slayer at a time when you aren't holding Saw or Chainsaw in your hand. But on balance, God Slayer Form is best used when you are holding one of those two cards.

The Gentle Priestess/God Slayer is super powerful but a bit tricky to play, because everything is dependent on what cards you draw and how you're mitigating damage or letting it through intentionally so as to awaken. This is not a newbie-friendly character. It requires a good amount of forethought and an actual gameplan and is best avoided by those who just want to play on autopilot. But, in the right hands, the Gentle Priestess/God Slayer is nigh unstoppable. The best strategy when playing against someone who's fielded her is using cards that limit what she can equip and making sure to avoid small attacks. One of the best approaches is hitting hard. This way, you're forcing her to discard all attached cards, taking away her attack potential, or you're putting up big numbers, which offsets the cost of her awakening when taking damage. The last thing you want to do is hit her for 1 HP so that she awakens the God Slayer and then she hits you with One-Shot Massacre.

And that wraps up our first full entry in this Character Series! You can check out an exclusive abridged version of this article's content, which highlights simply the character's skills with a nice side-by-side graphic, over at, or by going here!

That said, be sure to check back on Monday for part 1 of the next character, the One-Eyed Bowman, where we'll discuss their backstory, and then again next Thursday for part 2 of that character's entry, where we'll do exactly what we did today: discuss all things strategy.

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