LionWing Publishing is an upstart localization company bringing Japanese tabletop games to the West. Formed in 2017, LionWing came to fruition after its founder wished to localize some of his favorite doujin tabletop games for the English market.

We concentrate on localizing dynamic and engaging games, working with both independent design circles as well as established publishing companies interested in expanding their audience by way of localization. Most of us come from the games localization field and have worked together on past projects with companies like Manga Entertainment, Sekai Project, Aeria Games, NEO Magazine, Rice Digital, and Mastiff. We specialize in localizing anime-themed board games that offer both unique gameplay experiences and beautiful visuals.

At LionWing, we pride ourselves on community and wish to foster a gaming environment that is both constructive and positive, remembering that, at the end of the day, we're all here because we love games and what they have done for our lives. We do this through social media engagement, our Discord channel, as well as attending conventions. So don't hesitate to drop by our Discord, shoot us a message on Twitter, Like us on Facebook, or just say hey the next time you see us around!