LionWing Publishing is an upstart localization company focused on bringing Japanese media to the West. We work primarily with independent design circles interested in expanding their audience by way of localization but have relationships with some big-brand Japanese companies as well. Most of us come from the games localization field and have worked together on past projects like Clannad, Clannad Side Stories, Tenshin Ranman: Lucky or Unlucky!?, Aura Kingdom, Echo of Soul, and Grand Fantasia.

We launched our first Kickstarter to localize and publish an anime-themed tabletop card-battler in the summer of 2018 and found much success with the campaign, generating close to 200% of our funding goal and smashing five stretch goals in the process. Since the conclusion of Sainome Colosseum R’s Kickstarter, we have hit all of our milestones on time as anticipated and have maintained regular updates and engagement with our backers. Sainome Colosseum R hits retailers in April of 2019.

At LionWing, we pride ourselves on community and wish to foster an environment among fans that is both constructive and positive, remembering that, at the end of the day, we're all here because we love Japanese media and what it has done for our lives. We do this through social media engagement, our Discord channel, as well as attending conventions. So don't hesitate to drop by our Discord, shoot us a message on Twitter, Like us on Facebook, or just say hey the next time you see us around!